MexonInControl Privacy

How to build a register

It is tempting to design and build a register yourself. With the help of Excel or Word it is easy to start and do it quickly.

However, there are some disadvantages. To build a thorough register with these tools (for example, by allowing only certain values to be entered) expert knowledge Is required. And in addition the content (of what must be in a register) has to be (re)-invented.

For creating the registers Proceed Data Protection uses MexonInControl for Privacy. This SaaS product provides the possibilities of registering basic information such as the organizational structure, the employees, the roles (groups) and relate them to information in the registers.

MexonInControl for Privacy can be filled with a branch-specific basic register of processing activities that can be used as a validation list to check whether all aspects have been considered. The fields make use of adjustable validation so that the input is restricted and it is possible to use the lists to gain detailed insights.

In addition to the register of processing activities, a register of processors, processing agreements and applications / processes can also be created and their relationships can be established.

An assessment can be assigned, executed, assessed and stored as evidence for each component. Basic assessments are available and they can be adjusted or new ones added.